Terms and Conditions

Scenery Salvage are a recycling company and not a general waste transfer station. ie. We recycle scenic waste comprising of, Timber, Metal, Plastics and Polystyrene. We do not accept food waste, garden rubbish or general builder’s waste. If any of the above unwanted waste is received, we will treat the whole load as contaminated and we reserve the right to charge a loading on the per tonne charge.


Our delivery and collection charges are based on our vehicles being on site for no longer than one hour. For extended loading/waiting times, we reserve the right to charge a half hourly rate as per your quotation. If a parking fine is accrued do to waiting, this charge will be passed on to the customer.

Skips must only be filled to a level load. Any work on site to rectify the load level will be charged at the half hourly rate.

Skips must be kept off the road for any period when the skip lorry is not in attendance. Should the lorry be required to be in attendance, an additional charge will be levied at the half hourly rate.

Delivery and collection times are costed so that our vehicles can leave base and return to base between 07.00 and 16.00 hours, Monday to Friday. Should the requirement be outside these hours, an additional out of hours charge will be levied.

Suitable access is required for both Lorries and skips. If you are in any doubt about the suitability of your access, please call us to discuss your requirements. If a delivery/collection has to be aborted due to unsuitable access, we reserve the right to charge an aborted call out fee.

If we need to enter the congestion charging zone to access your premises, this charge will be passed on to the customer.

Lorries & Vans

The above terms and conditions also apply to lorries and vans.


When we supply a crew to load, a safe working environment must be provided. Crews are supplied in a general stage hand capacity only. Crews are not trained to strike scenery and must not be used to do so. Should you require skilled staff, these are available on prior application only.
Scenery Salvage

All items on the Scenery Salvage Stock List, unless specifically stated otherwise, are sold without any guarantee whatsoever and must be bought on a ‘sold as seen’ basis. No guarantee is given or implied as to the condition, completeness or suitability of use, of any item sold.

Please note that any data given to Scenery Salvage maybe shared with affiliated companies but will not be sold to external parties.