How We Recycle

Recycled Output

Scenery Salvage have now organised a DEDICATED system for the removal of scenery from studios or locations, not to a land fill site but to a reclamation centre.

Once offloaded any useful set pieces i.e. doors, windows, stock sized flatage, columns and any hardware such as hanging irons, castors, LX components etc are removed, photographed, catalogued and put on the Salvage Stock List for resale to the industry at vastly reduced rates compared to original costs. The remaining scenery is then segregated into its constituent materials i.e. timber, metal and plastics, then through alliances with some of the major recycling companies in Europe, these materials are sent for recycling.

Timber is chipped and becomes chipboard, animal bedding, insulation products, mulch etc.

Plastics are made into pellets and reused for manufacturing all number of items in the plastic industry.

Metal is crushed and sent for smelting to become raw product for innumerable uses.

Polystyrene is sorted, compacted and processed to become a fuel stock for power supply.

A certificate of Re Cycling will be issued to assist in conforming to BS8909.


What do you need to do to make this process happen?

Absolutely nothing different to what you do now, simply pick up the phone to contact us. We will then arrange collection either by lorry or by skip, whichever is more appropriate. We then return to our base where the scenery is weighed prior to offloading.

All you pay are the transport costs, weight per tonne and labour to offload (if appropriate).

In other words, exactly what you have been paying for to date. After extensive research, we are confident that our prices are more than competitive.

We pay for :

The labour to sort the items,
The warehouse to store the items for reuse;
The machinery to recycle the materials.

How are we able to pay for the above and still remain competitive? By reselling the salvage back to industry at vastly reduced rates.

To Sum Up:

You don’t pay any more than now
You don’t do anything different from now
You get access in the future to scenery hardware, materials and set pieces at great rates
You do something for the environment by recycling